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    Panda Antivirus Pro 2009


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    Panda Antivirus Pro 2009

    Message  Admin le Lun 30 Mar - 12:58

    Panda Antivirus Pro 2009

    This is Panda 2008 Home Version not 2009 Professional Version. If moderators could change this header to reflect the same for accuracy. Just trying to be helpful. I have test-installed this on both XP and Vista. I have specific info below if you are interested. If not, as of this date, the sw is working. However, as mentioned below, don't use the user serial info. It's blacklisted. For those further interested in specifics....

    Here are some tips on installing this software. This is often the suggested installation method for any spy / virus monitoring software.

    - Full Panda 2008 Home Edition Version
    - Serial Info is BlackListed, Not Needed
    - Works on wXP and wVista

    1) Close all non essential software and internet windows. I experienced all my open inet windows froze including Katz Forums installing on a Vista system. I didn't on my XP system but the risk is there. Thus, I don't suggest you install these type of sw while downloading other things or writing email, posting, etc. I had a LONG explanation on how this installs. I lost it all when all my open windows froze. I will try to remember it all. I had it all documented as I was going along on installation. I added ** in place of a few digits to reduce spiders / sniffers.

    A) Install sw file " L08*romo.e*e ". Be certain to UNCHECK both screens that offer to update automatically or monitor your system for updates or something was mentioned. It's two check boxes. Just uncheck them during installation.

    B) After installation it will automatically update the virus definitions is what I experienced. Even if check boxes are off. That was fine. No issues. You will see a new clock-bar icon. It will be a spinning world on a pole. While it's spinning you can roll your mouse over it like most sw and see it's status. While it's updating, don't open anything. Just let it complete. It will update definitions then it will update the sw to newest version. It's still 2008 Home Edition. But it will be the latest version on it.

    C) After it's done updating def & sw the spinning globe icon will become a cute little panda meaning it's done and now monitoring your system. I don't suggest you go into any options and make any changes at this point. I had an issue with XP where it messed up the installation. Thus, at this point change nothing still and just reboot your system.

    D) After reboot, I experienced another updating of something. The world icon spins again. I believe after initial sw update it had to be rebooted before the next sw version could be pulled and updated. So, wait til the cute lil' panda icon appears. Reboot again. Each time you reboot look at world icon and see if it updates more sw. If not, you're good to move on to " E " below.

    E) Do not use the serial key info. The user name and pw are blacklisted anyways. I tried them on three installs. On XP and Vista. BTW, sw works on both XP and Vista. Didn't try any other OS's. The serial info doesn't seem to be needed unless you want to automatically update Panda. After Panda is fulling installed on your system, you can go into it's settings and turn on automatic update if you wish at this point. I will use this sw for a few days and post a notice here if it refuses to update without the serial info. However, at this point, it has updated and is functioning fully.


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